IPhone 5s Launched: What This Means For You On The Road


Over the past few weeks, there has been much talk about the new and improved iPhone 5!  But what does this mean for motorists on the road?  The iPhone has been highly recommended to those who refrain from distracted driving because of the popular Siri feature.  Apple’s Sir has the unique ability to understand commands, perform them, and respond back to the speaker without the touch of a button.  Apple has teamed up with several popular third-party apps so that Siri can intercede on the phone owner’s behalf.  With the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 upgrade, Siri can update Facebook and Twitter updates, car navigation, call contacts, and send more precise text messages.  With all these features and more, the iPhone 5 should be an OBVIOUS choice for drivers of all ages who want to be safe on the roads.  iPhone users have no excuse but to keep their eyes on the road, and their fingers off the phone!

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