Monthly Archives: November 2012

What Type of Distracted Driver Are You?

The term "Distracted Driving" has just recently started to stick in the brains of drivers everywhere.  Before, people used "texting and driving" and "distracted driving" as interchangeable terms.  However, because distracted driving continues to cause problems on the road ways, more and more people are becoming aware of what distracted driving is and what it can consist of. All distractions that drivers engage in while driving can fit in three

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Wisconsin Teens Paying the “Cheese” for Texting and Driving

The Cheese State has passed a law prohibiting all cell phone use drivers, while operating a motor vehicle.  Although Wisconsin law currently prohibits texting while driving, the new law provisions targets young driver statewide ages 18 and under, but also focuses on any drivers with probationary licensing.  This includes drivers who previous license was in another country, new residents to the state with less than three years of driving experience

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