What Type of Distracted Driver Are You?

3 types of distracted driving

The term “Distracted Driving” has just recently started to stick in the brains of drivers everywhere.  Before, people used “texting and driving” and “distracted driving” as interchangeable terms.  However, because distracted driving continues to cause problems on the road ways, more and more people are becoming aware of what distracted driving is and what it can consist of.

All distractions that drivers engage in while driving can fit in three main categories: Visual, Manual, and Mental.

Visual distractions involves activities that cause the driver to take his/her eyes off the road.  This type of distraction is commonly associated with applying facial make-up or looking for an item in the car.

Manual distractions involves the driver taking his/her hands off the wheel while driving.    This type of distraction is commonly associated with eating or drinking while driving; at which point drivers tend to use their knees to steer the wheel.

Mental, also known as cognitive distractions involves taking your mind off the act of driving. This type of distraction is commonly associated with talking on the phone while driving.  A driver’s mind is so focus on the conversation, he/she is usually unaware of what is happening on the roads.

So I ask, which type of distracter are you?  Let me help… if you text and drive, you are ALL three!!

Remember, #ItsJustNotWorthIt

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