Distracted Runway 1.0 – Model for a CAUSE

distracted runway flyer 1.02

Typically I take the time out to blog about interesting distracted driving stories or facts I’ve come across, but this week’s blog will go to something that’s equally important for non-profit organizations… FUNDRAISING!!!  I am not sure who came up with the bright idea to include “fun” in the word, because if you have ever done it, sometimes it can be anything but that.  However, C.L.I.F. has decided its time to put the “fun” back and “fundraiser” and collect some money to support a cause bring awareness to distracted driving across the country.  C.L.I.F. is holding two model calls for the public to become involved in the first every “Distracted Runway” Fundraiser Fashion Show held on March 23, 2013!!! Monies raised will benefit the Clifton B. Gibbs Scholarship Fund. CHECK IT OUT!! You might be glad you did!

For more information about the model calls or the show please visit our website at www.clif2012.org or email us at collegiatelifeinvestmentfond@gmail.com

And remember… #ItsJustNotWorthIt

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