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In the earlier months of 2012, the Tennessee Department of Transportation began to use the electronic signs above the highways to display a continuous ticker of the number of traffic fatalities throughout the state.  The signs were intended to increase highway safety throughout the state.  The result of a grieving mother whose son was killed a few years prior in a traffic accident, the electronic reminders were the topic of several controversial conversations.  Although intentions were positives, drivers across the states felt that the tickers caused more harm than help.  Several reported accidents were the result of drivers being distracted by the signs.  In addition, some drivers felt the signs were a continuous reminder of who they lost on the roadways, versus honoring their memories.  Either way the TDOT commissioner has decided to only show the numbers on Fridays rather than on a daily basis.  The department also will use the sign to continuous highway safety awareness by displaying messages discouraging texting while driving, drunk driving, seat belt safety, construction information, and other important traffic message.

Tennessee drivers, how do you feel about the new decision made about the TDOT fatality ticker?  Do you feel that it helps bring highway safety awareness or should it be removed all together?

From other US states, what do you think?  Does your department of transportation have some type of program similar to the one in Tennessee?  If not, would you appreciate one being implemented?

Remember, #ItsJustNotWorthIt


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