THREE Cheers for the TRIPLETS: Massachusetts Distracted Driving Summit


Three triplets in Seekonk, Mass have made the commitment to refrain from texting and driving; and has taken on the challenge to require the same commitment from others in their community.  Matthew, Timothy and Brian Salit passion against texting and driving started when a track competitor of theirs from another school was killed by a texting driving.  One of the triplets, Timothy, explained: “It really started making us think: this is a problem that’s going to haunt us if we don’t stop this now.”

The Salit triplets organized the Massachusetts Distracted Driving Summit on last weekend at the State House in Boston.  Students from 25 different high schools took part in the summit by volunteering and going through the distracted driving training, which included a texting and driving simulator.
It is inspiring to hear that people, young and old, are being to take the issue of distracted driving seriously.  It is even more inspiring when these individuals are not personally (relative, friends, etc) effect by its dangers, but take time out of their lives to bring awareness about its dangers.

THREE cheers for the TRIPLETS of Seekonk, Massachusetts, we appreciate you!!!
Reference: WPRI 12

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