Collierville Court Program

“The seed that was planted by CLIF truly made me feel that I could change the world by simply not picking up my phone when I drive.  Who knew traffic safety was so important?  I will always remember that no text, call, or post is worth it.”

-12th grader, Collierville High School


CLIF is excited to partner with the Honorable Judge William Craig Hall and the Collierville Municipal Court to provide distracted driving education to its juvenile traffic offenders.  Juvenile offenders are required to attend and complete Distracted Driving course, including the following:


  • – Attend a Distracted Driving presentation at Colliervile Municipal Court  (offered monthly)

  • – Wear a “Don’t Text and Drive” awareness wristband while operating a motor vehicle during probationary period

  • – Take Distracted Driving oath and post signed oath on car visor until the end of probationary period

  • – Write a 500 word response to the presentation


For more information on the class schedule or for any questions please contact the Court Clerk, 901-457-2580.

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