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The Inaugural Mid-South Distracted Drivers 5K Walk

The Inaugural Mid-South Distracted Drivers 5K Walk, the first of its time, is established to exposed the Mid-South community to the dangers of distracted driving, its effects on drivers, and ways to avoid its negligence on the roadways. All proceeds from this event will directly benefit individuals effected by distracted driving and be used to educate the target population on the ways to refrain from its practices. For More Information 

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Distracted Runway 1.0 – Model for a CAUSE

Typically I take the time out to blog about interesting distracted driving stories or facts I've come across, but this week's blog will go to something that's equally important for non-profit organizations... FUNDRAISING!!!  I am not sure who came up with the bright idea to include "fun" in the word, because if you have ever done it, sometimes it can be anything but that.  However, C.L.I.F. has decided its time to put the "fun" back and "fundraiser"

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